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Buy Ketamine online, Ketamine is a drug that is used for anesthesia, sedation, and pain relief. It can also be used as a recreational drug.

Ketamine is a synthetic compound that has been available for medical use since 1970. Ketamine is abused by people who want the hallucinogenic effects of the drug. Ketamine users will often inject or snort the ketamine powder in order to get high.

The effects of ketamine can last up to an hour and are felt within minutes after taking it. The euphoric high of ketamine makes it popular among some people who abuse it as a party drug.

More Information About Ketamine

Ketamine has been classified by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule III controlled substance. Ketamine is also available on the illicit market as a powder, liquid, or pill and can be used for recreational purposes.

It’s important to note that ketamine does not cause physical addiction but it does cause psychological addiction which can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and depression if use is discontinued abruptly.


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